iivi makes high-quality clothing with minimalistic Scandinavian roots.

We create clothing that is intentionally and thoughtfully designed to be simple in style. Our clothes are casual, versatile and will stand the test of time. They are almost effortless: You can dress them up or down, for any occasion, and you will always stay comfortable.

Our founder, Sirpa Cowell, a native of Finland, started her career as a designer working in a textile mill. From that experience, she inherited a love for good quality craftsmanship – which is why we will never resort to using cheap labor from far away. Sirpa spent her professional career designing for others with the principles less is more and form follows function. These principles have become our core values. We design minimalistic, functional clothing that can be the essentials of your capsule wardrobe.

We source only the highest-quality materials for our clothing, the same materials used by the luxury brands. It's important to us that our clothes are sustainable: breathable, washable, and able to move with your body. You will not find static-y, sweaty polyester here. Nor will you have to invest in dry cleaning.

All of our garments and accessories are made in the United States, in small batches, so there’s never any excess. Doing this is not only sustainable for the environment, but it allows us to revisit the roots of American textile fashion manufacturing. We work directly with expert seamstresses based in Southern Massachusetts and our jewelry is made in Northern New Hampshire. By cutting out the middleman, we can offer you the luxury of designer clothing with no excess cost.

We are obsessed with details, so to us, making sure that our clothes fit properly on the “inside” is just as important as making them presentable as the outside. We were tired of ill-fitting, poor quality clothes and realized we are not alone. Instead of starting from size 2 and grading up or down, we start from a size 12. Doing this enables us to create clothing that offer a better fit for all the women. Our clothing emphasizes breathability and flow. Our styles are designed to allow you to move around, to do the things you love and look great doing it.

You can be casually chic all day, every day! Our goal is to give all of our customers the confidence to concentrate on what matters and not to worry about the comfort of your clothes. We strive to give you the best so you can BE your best...


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