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Posted on May 11 2017

meet iivi - American made clothing for women size 4-18

Hi! We’re iivi. We are an American clothing brand, with Scandinavian roots, for women sizes 4 through 18.

Real, average-sized women.

See, we believe that the fashion industry has forgotten about the needs of the “Average Woman.” According to the CDC, she’s a size 14… and yet, her clothing is so hard to find. Most designers would group her in with Plus Size styles, but we respectfully disagree.
(Honestly? We see size as incidental to our purpose. And we’re not really into labels like Petite or Plus either.)
iivi was born from our frustration and vision:

We wanted comfortable, well-made clothing that fit.

We wanted clothing that was versatile, breathable, and effortless enough to give us the confidence to just be ourselves. The big brands weren’t delivering, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.
All of our clothing is designed by our founder and creative director, Sirpa Cowell. A native of Finland, she is greatly inspired by minimalist Scandinavian designs as well as modern American aesthetics. The result? Simplistic and stylish dresses, tops and vests that will stand the test of time.

If you haven’t been to our shop yet, we highly recommended taking a look. Some of our most popular items are the Box DressTencel Vest and Wing Shirt. We also carry a range of jewelry made in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Please pardon us for not introducing ourselves sooner but, well, we’ve been a bit busy. In the last year, we launched our brand, our first line of clothing, and our website.

As you can see, we’re still a young brand. That’s why we need your support! Help us spread the word about iivi by shopping our current styles and sharing with your family, friends and colleagues.
We’d also love to hear what you think of our clothes once you’ve worn them. We’ll even feature you right here on the iivi blog!
You can also help us share the iivi mission by Pinning, Retweeting, Liking, and Sharing our products and other social media posts.

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