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Posted on September 26 2017

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iivi clothing is proudly made in the USA.

Quality and sustainability are hallmarks of the iivi brand. To us, the sustainable fashion movement is more than just an industry trend, it's the way fashion should be.

'Outdated Practices'

Li Edelkoort is a respected trend forecaster and fashion industry veteran, she is also an advocate for sustainable fashion. At the Business of Fashion VOICES 2016 event, Edelkoort presented an "Anti-Fashion Manifesto", which scolded the fashion industry for its many "outdated" practices as far as design innovation, garment quality, pricing and manufacturing.

In one notably provocative moment in her speech, Edelkoort asks, "How is it possible that a garment is cheaper than a sandwich?"

How, indeed? For years, the industry has moved further and further away from sustainable practices, instead choosing to attract customers by offering lower quality garments at extremely low price points.

When Fashion is NOT Sustainable

Since the 1990s, many major clothing manufacturers have been farming-out garment production to overseas factories, which has had a significant impact on the industry overall. To begin with, the conditions of overseas factories and labor practices have since been revealed to be unethical and generally deplorable. Beyond that, moving garment production away from countries like the United States resulted in significant decreases in product price and quality.

Customers began to see lower grade fabrics, mismanaged sizing, and generally poor fit. Over time, however, customers began to expect this, and the demand for cheaper clothing increased.

(How many times have you picked up a garment that didn't quite fit, but you thought "Oh, well, it's only $20"?)


How iivi Defines Sustainable Fashion

The iivi philosophy is to remedy the expectation for cheap, poor-fitting clothing. Yes, our products may cost more than a sandwich, but that is because they are made to last. Our garments are produced in small batches in the USA from the finest and most desirable fabrics.

To us, iivi embodies sustainable fashion. Our clothes are attractive, well-made garments that are ethically produced from high quality materials.

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