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“Hi, I’m Cat! Some of my favorite hats include; Radio Personality, DJ, Professional Mountain Biker, Marketing Consultant, SheJumps Ambassador, Bacon Connoisseur. I devote my energy exclusively to my passions, and in doing so never quite make enough time to plan and execute outfits. iivi shop takes the uncertainty out of my closet. With the Box Shirt and Slit Dress now among my wardrobe essentials, there is no hesitation before I head out the door, fully confident that I’m appropriately garbed for all my varying roles. How comfortable and cute I feel is an added bonus!”


“I’m Christina – writer, editor, performer, coffee enthusiast. I adore how effortless and versatile the iivi collection is! I’m a big fan of colorful, vibrant accessories and these styles are the perfect canvas. My favorite piece is the grey rayon (Box Shirt) because it not only looks great dressed up or down, but it’s so comfy to wear! Plus, I travel often, and this top is great for helping me to pack light.”


“Hi, I’m Casey — Administrative Assistant for a booking agency, Stage Manager, Tour Manager, and mom of 5. Working backstage at shows and running the kids around tend to leave my wardrobe in a t-shirt and jeans state. With little time to take care of myself, it’s easier to just wear things that are comfortable and forget about looking good too. However, the iivi collection miraculously made me feel both comfortable and sexy at the same time. The flow of the material was soft but not clingy so I felt like a woman and not once was worried about my problem areas. Being a constantly moving, switching it up kind of woman, I LOVE THE VERSATILITY. Just a little tweak of accessories or the shoes and I can go from a production meeting one minute, to escorting the headlining act to a night club in the next. Thank you iivi for making real clothes for today’s women.”


“My name is Heidi. I am a single mom of two talented children. In my downtime, I enjoy art and photography. I have lived in the North Country of New Hampshire for about 7 years. In that time I’ve worked with low-income families on infant nutrition and parent education. I’m currently working in a toy and book shop to take a breather before I jump back in. In all the jobs I’ve had, being comfortable and professional is important. I love that the iivi line is so versatile, you can dress it up and down while feeling comfortable, professional, and sexy. I also love how soft the materials are, and how they stretch with your body, without constriction. It makes it very hard to pick my favorite piece. I want to bring them all home. The black (Split Dress) one I felt I could wear anywhere, it’s my favorite of the dresses that hug you without that tight constricting feeling. Thank you iivi for making me feel beautiful in this crazy, everyday life!”


“I’m Katie! A new mom to a 3 month old girl. Living in Maine and working from home as a design consultant. I love family, nature, and I love to cook and bake. I felt so confident in the clothes, especially just after having a baby. The flowing dresses and shirts easily hide my extra baby weight, which is one less thing to worry about! I love how each item can be worn casually, or dressed up for something more formal. I definitely see these as staple items to my wardrobe! I envision myself wearing these to family parties, a night out in the city, or even a wedding!”


“Hello, I’m Maria! I’m a ceramic artist, making functional and sculptural work, and share my love of clay through teaching. I’m also a mom to an intrepid toddler, the maple sugarmaker’s wife, and an off-grid homesteader. With so many distractions simplicity is a necessity in my life. The minimal elegance of the iivi collection is at once sophisticated and unbelievably comfortable. As an artist, attention to detail is important to me. The lines and movement of the fabric and the quality of the stitching are immediately apparent. I can easily see myself floating through the crowd at a gallery opening in these clothes, or just being comfortable in my own skin for a trip out on the town. I will also mention that life with a toddler is messy. Within hours of wearing my favorite (Wing) shirt my daughter smeared melty dark chocolate all over it! It washed out with ease and it continues to look great.”


“I’m Marissa. I’m married and have a 3-year-old son. I work in the healthcare field and am also a photographer and an artist. I enjoy spending time with my family and seeing my son experience life. I couldn’t believe how comfortable I felt when I put on the tan/grey linen (Wing Shirt) top. I walked taller and felt really glamorous in it! It hid the parts of me that I wanted it to while accentuating other parts. Paired with skinny jeans and super cute shoes, it made the perfect outfit! I could see myself wearing it on a date with my husband, going out with the girls to catch a movie, or just walking along the beach, pants rolled up and shoes slung over my shoulder. The iivi collection is made up of amazing designs that are unique and versatile and make you feel like the beautiful woman you are.”

All of iivi’s models are real women living real lives. Some are mothers, all are busy and on the go. Hear what they have to say about wearing iivi clothing.

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